Notice Board

12/10/2022   Diwali, Bhai-Dooj, Chhath Holiday will begin from 24/10/2022 to 31/10/2022. School will reopen on 01/11/2022 as usual.       

Founder's Masseges

On behalf of our great Team, I would like to welcome you to Parmanand Public School. We are always at your service, working with passion and dedication to offer you an academically – comprehensive and personally rewarding education.

All we request of you in exchange is that you make an equal effort to invest passion and dedication into your studies. With this exchange you will be on track towards a very successful lifetime career in the creative field of design.

Parmanand Public School is more than just a school. Students and staff are working together in a friendly family like atmosphere with passion and dedication. We have not far from idea to action and are constantly improving in every way possible towards our goal to give our students the very best education living up to the latest marked demands. Parmanand Public School is school with beautiful and inspiring surroundings.

The Mission of this school is not of the conventional and the ordinary type but practically and intrinsically excellent, its students par excellent in body, mind and character, who will stand out...